Auto Carpets
Here at Quality Auto Trim & Glass, we want you to know the biggest question you should ask when shopping for new carpet for your car.

What kind of Carpet are you putting in my carů?

Our answer will be; we offer the latest in automotive carpeting from the best aftermarket automotive carpet manufacturers in the country. That's right, the bestů! Our carpets are made from 100% Nylon fibers, and pre-molded to fit just about any car, and come with a complete layer of jute padding for extra insulation from the heat and noise.

Ok, but what about my 1965 Mustang Coupe, or my 1955 Chevy Bellaire, can you get carpet to fit that old car..? Absolutely, and floor mats to match as well..!

Rubber/Vinyl Flooring

Do you work your of your vehicle, or need something more durable for the great outdoors..? We have the answer, Vinyl Flooring..! We offer the best in pre-molded, juts backed vinyl flooring for that work truck , or off road vehicle. Our vinyl flooring comes in many different colors, and patterns, even camouflage patterns for you big game hunters.

My Carpet is Wet, Dirty, & Stinks:

Has your automotive floor carpet gotten wet from rising water, or a leaking A/C system. Or maybe its just nasty, form spilt drinks, and ground in dirt.. No Problem, here at Quality Auto Trim & Glass, we are professionals at resolving that wet, smelly, dirty carpet..

Through out the many storms and floods we have endured here in the great Gulf coast region, we have become experts at repairing water damaged vehicles. We can remove that we dirty carpet, clean it, deodorize, dry it, replace the jute padding, and reinstall it.