Convertibles Tops

Here at Quality Auto Trim, we specialize in replacing convertible tops of all kinds. From the ever popular Ford Mustang Convertible, to the BMW, Mercedes, Toyota Solara, Mazda Miata, even a 1959 Corvette.. That's right, we can put a top on just about ant convertible made. Our tops are top quality, and purchased from some of the best Convertible Top manufacturers such as Robbins, EX-On, and Electron.

Our convertible tops are made from the best Haartz vinyls and cloths, such as Haartz Standard Pin Point Grain 36 oz vinyl, to the newer Sailcloth Vinyl, Stayfast Cloth, Twillfast Cloth, German Originals, etc. Choose from the original color & vinyl/cloth convertible top that came on your car originally, or special order a new color, to give your convertible a spiced up new look that matches your own taste.

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Rear Glass/Plastic Convertible Top Curtains
What is a rear glass or plastic curtain..?
What are Convertible Top Pads..?
Most American made convertibles were made with 3 main soft top parts:
1)  Convertible Top –
2)  Convertible Top Pads
3)  Convertible Top Rear Glass or Plastic curtain..
These three items together, make up the soft material portion of a convertible.. The 1 st soft top item installed on the frame is the Pads. These pads do 2 main things, they keep the top from laying directly on the frame work, and, they hold the bows in there proper place so the top will fold correctly. The second soft top item installed is the Rear Glass or Plastic curtain. This is the rear glass, or plastic you see through in the rear part of the top. The third soft top item is the Convertible Top. Each of these soft top items are separate parts, so if your rear glass/plastic curtain is broken, or it the cloth or vinyl has delaminated from the glass, you can replace the rear glass/plastic curtain only, and reuse the pads and top.
Convertible Top Frame/latches/motors/cables
Frame problems, broken or sprung latches, motors, or cables.

No Problem, we can repair, or replace as needed, any part of your convertible top frame, motors, cable, tacking strips, etc. Bent fran are little more difficult, and may not be reusable, or have to taken to machine shop for repair.