Seat Upholstery

CAR Upholstery

At Quality Auto Trim & Glass , we have a complete upholstery shop, with experienced upholsterers, who can do everything from complete front & rear re-upholstery jobs, to just inserting a section or two on one seat. We upholster cloth seats, leather seats, vinyl, alligator, ostrich, snake skin, you name it, if it's available, and we'll upholster it.


Slip Covers

We also have a complete line of custom made slip covers. Many of our customers come to us with a new car, and want to protect that new car upholstery. We have the answer. Custom made slip covers. Our upholsterers can make a custom made slip cover, that fits to the style and shape of your new car seat, and protects that new car upholstery. When you're ready to sell that vehicle later on down the road, just take them off, and your original upholstery is still as new as the day you bought it. Or, for more economy minded folks, we have special order slip covers, made by trusted seat cover manufacturers with patterns and style for any style seat in any car.


Uncomfortable Seats

Many, many times, customers will come to us, and ask if there is anything we can do to make there seat more comfortable. They complain about bad backs, sitting too low, not enough lumbar support, seat too hard. Well, we can help. We can add more padding, reduce the padding, add more lumbar support, and softer padding, memory padding. We can re-design the seat padding to fit your needs.